Ant Bait Recipes

When you walk around your home you may happen to notice a carpenter ant here or there slip under your floor boards, or maybe you opened up your peanut butter jar and noticed it filled with tiny black ants. Well instead of calling an exterminator for what may be a pretty simple solution to solve you should attempt to trap them with your very own ant bait recipes. Ant baits serve a couple of purposes. First of the bait should attract the ants. What is the point of having a trap if the ants are not attracted to it in the first place. Secondly there should be some sort of killing agent in the bait recipe. You dont just want to attract the ants you also want to deal them a lethal blow and feed them something that will kill them. So here are some of the best ant bait recipes around.

Like I said earlier the main thing that makes ant bait successful in killing ants is the use of some type of food that attracts the ants. In most of these traps we will be using sugar as usually the species of ant that you are dealing with are the small black ants in your kitchen. Sugar will attract any ants in a very large radius. Now that you have the sugar ready all you have to do is place in some borax. Most homes will have borax laying around as it is used when you clean clothes or any other sort of cleaning agent. The important thing is the ants wont even know that they are ingesting the borax.

If your lucky the ants will pick up this deadly combination of materials and bring it back to the ant nest. Soon enough every ant in the colony should be eating this stuff and they will all eventually start to die. This is a great ant trap bait recipe and will make it very easy for you to deal with an ant infestation by yourself. Expensive store bought poisons and traps usually lack any sort of attractive agent and usually kill the ants instantly. By using these you lack the ability to attract large numbers of ants and have them bring the poisoned food back to the colony to wipe out the entire ant population living in your home. This is the ant bait recipe that I use the most around the house for sure.

If you are for some reason lacking borax in your home you can substitute baking soda in its place. Baking soda will serve the same purpose. The ants will be brought to the bait recipe because of the sugar and when they begin to eat it the ants will be hurt by the baking soda.

As you can see ant bait recipes can be very easy to make and use in almost any household. They are cheap and effective especially when compared to ant killer poison that is sold in most stores. So take a shot and try out this recipe for ant bait!