Foods That Make You Fat

Eating is a pleasure, but all food must be eaten in moderation if you want to keep the line. Discover foods to avoid in order not to grow.

What foods to avoid in order not to grow?

That is not a legendary paranoia, it is scientifically proven that certain foods tend to make us fat and others help us in the process of fat burning or at least help us to maintain a stable weight, read more info on

Follow our guide to find the right nutritional balance and distinguish the favorable weight gain of those diet foods. Of course, our advice go to a general principle but to put the odds on your side, do not hesitate to move more to activate the energy loss must exceed calorie intake for optimal results and fast.

First, why we gain weight?

See why certain foods are fattening before spreading a list of those to avoid and focus in your life. It’s pretty obvious that everything is calorie is stored by the body. Fatty acids promote particularly the appearance of fat by making it more difficult removing them from the body. In other words, excessive intake of saturated fatty acids transported by animal fats can therefore make you gain weight.

In addition, give the body more sugar can also be responsible for our weight gain. In fact, the body needs glucose, but to a reasonable proportion because sugars are high in calories, especially in the form of sugar quickly. Not only excessive glucose intake has an impact on weight but also on health.

Foods to avoid:

– Red meat, fatty meats and their products, that is to say, the family of meats.

– Too calorie dairy products that contain both a high proportion of fat and sugar: butter, cheese, ice cream…

– The rapid sugar in all its forms, the most common pastry, candy and other sweets.

– Wine and alcohol

No, it is not the cause of the “Blue Cross” but rather to make you aware that wine and alcohol are very rich in sugars, easily burned by the body.

What remains, then, to eat?

Do not worry, you are far from having exhausted all foods that Mother Nature provides us with. Among other fruits and vegetables are recommended for their fiber which is essential for digestion and help the body to burn calories.

You can also eat foods rich in carbohydrates but within a reasonable amount cereals, bread, rice and other starchy foods that glycemic intake is moderate. Finally, lean meats are welcome on your plate to vary the nutritional intake by supplementing vegetable intake and animal.