How to Get Rid of Ladybugs in the House

Ladybugs are like all cold blooded animals; when their environment starts to turn to cold for their liking they will pack up and attempt to find a warmer place to seek refuge. That is why in the fall and early spring it is very common to suddenly have your house filled with these seemingly innocent creatures. In fact in houses, especially surrounded by woody areas, ladybugs can be more prevalent than flies in ones house. That is why the question of how to get rid of ladybugs in my house is one we get ofter here. Ladybugs may not be thought of as fitting the standard definition as a house pest. However, when they start to get into your house and begin to drop dead because of lack of food they can release very nauseating smells and litter your house with their dead carcasses. Fortunately for you there are a couple ways that you can get rid of ladybugs from your house.

Your first option is quite obvious and that is to simply use your hands. Now some people may have told you stories about ladybugs that bite or have stingers hidden beneath their wings. However, I am here to tell you that these stories are absolutely false. Ladybugs have no means or methods to do any bodily harm to you, the most damage they can do is releasing a chemical that releases a very distinct smell; that some people like while others are repelled by it. Therefore if there are only a couple ladybugs that have infested your home you can simply go out and take care of them by picking them up and throwing them outside your sanctuary.

If the ladybugs you are trying to get out of your house are in hard to reach places or you are finding it very difficult to catch the airborne best then your best option might be to simply wait a couple days for the ladybugs to drop dead. The ladybugs feed on very small organisms that are usually found in lawns or other vegetation. Therefore, inside your house there will be very little for the ladybugs to eat. SO in order to get the ladybugs out of your house all you have to do is let them starve and then simply scoop up and discard their bodies.

Another very effective method of quickly getting rid of an invading swarm of ladybugs that have entered your house is to use your handy dandy vacuum cleaner. Simply attach a tool that allows you to suck up a small area. Now all you have to do is run the vacuum cleaner on suction and you will certainly get the ladybugs out of your house.

You could also think about investing in ladybug black light traps. These traps use black lights, which most insects are naturally attracted and drawn to. On the outside of this light would sit a small voltage of electric fencing. As the ladybugs fly to the dark light they will be zapped by the electric fence. This will kill them on contact and is extremely quick and humane. This is a very effective way get rid of ladybugs in your house if you dont have the time to go out and hunt down the ladybugs on your own.