How to get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator

So the time has finally come; there is no doubt about that. Your bags are packed and you are ready to go. The war is about to begin. But who is this war with? Cockroaches. The war is with the swarms and swarms, infestations and infestations of roaches that have decided to take up residence in, well, your place of residence. However, they do not pay rent, and they dont do any chores.

They are leeches- leeches that are sucking you dry of your hard-earned money and your house of its property value. But what is a poor soul to do, when confronted with such a battle-hardened group of warriors like roaches? The answer: fight back. Only with the help of this site, you will be able to conquer the roaches without hiring an exterminator. So, without further ado, we give you our guide on how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator.

In order to vanquish these villains and finally get rid of roaches without an exterminator you will need to listen to me, very closely. Or at least in this case you will need to read very closely. First, you simply need to clean your kitchen, and yes, I know that your kitchen is dirty. No matter what the reason, whether you be a mom of 5, a group of college frat brothers, or just a plain old slob, your kitchen could use a good cleaning. Keep in mind that cockroaches are attracted to the food. So obviously, if you had food (or crumbs) lying around all over the place, then the roaches would naturally be attracted to the kitchen in YOUR house.

Next, you should sanitize the surfaces in your kitchen and expand that to the whole house if you have the opportunity. Yes, in order to do this properly you must use a little elbow grease and make use of those disinfectants that you have lying around somewhere. Once this task is completed, just give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done- then get back to business. Now its time to make use of that broom that is propped up against the wall in some Godforsaken closet. With it, you need to get rid of all crumbs and debris sitting on your floors, which once again only serve to attract more cockroaches.

How to get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator: Going for the kill

We are now on the home stretch. Before going to the roach-specific kill techniques, I advise that you get rid of all the garbage in your house and vacuum the floors- just to be on the safe side. Finally, it is time to put down some roach traps. Yes, I know that these arent exactly fun to handle; let me assure you, they are completely necessary. Finally, pull out that roach spray and go Rambo on those cockroaches. Mission Completed.

Thanks for checking out our guide on how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator. Hasta luego!