Make Sure you Read this before you buy a Comforter

Bed comforters and comforter sets are among the most popular bedding items on the market today. Perhaps the reason for their popularity is because of the fact that they add pattern, color, interest, and charm to an otherwise dull room, while at the same time providing a much needed level of insulating warmth. But how do you go about buying a comforter or comforter sets for your bedrooms? Here are some basic guides to get you started.


Before you go out to the market or in online stores searching for a comforter, you will need to know the size of your bed, so take the time to measure it first. Note that some manufacturers of comforter sets have a tendency of cutting corners by putting together a combination of sizes such as ‘King’, ‘Queen/Full’ etc. the best comforter sets are those made specifically for the specific bed sizes in the market today, and will always be marked with the correct finished size. So armed with your bed measurements, you should be able to compare the marked size to that of your bed measurements to end up with a fitting bed comforter, read full article here.


You also need to look for specific details of the pieces in the market that add to the ultimate designer look. Such things as fringes, welting, buttons, ruffles, contrasting borders, etc can all help you make an informed decision as to the most ideal comforter sets in the market. As such, if you are looking for a comforter that will act as a blanket at night, you would want to purchase one with ruffles, ties, or buttons located far away from the upper part of the comforter for you to be comfortable when sleeping.


Note that most comforters come filled with layers upon layers of polyester. The physical size and weight of a comforter is generally determined by the filling ‘loft’, and so is its insulating ability. Quilting or stitching patterns if you like will comfortably secure all filling matter in the piece and ensure the filling remains uniformly distributed.

Thread Count

Closely related to the above point is the thread count i.e. the number of threads (per inch) used to knit together the material covering comforter sets. A high thread count of above 250 means that the fabric is much softer to touch and very durable, no wonder they are highly priced than those with low thread counts of below 200.


Last but not least you want to look at how versatile the comforter set is. Today, most comforters come with contrasting fabrics on either side. This comes as an added advantage when one side gets dirty and you have to turn it on the other side. You can also use the feature to get both a winter and summer look by simply reversing your comforters.

With that being said, the above tips will guide you into the right direction of buying comforters. Be sure to read comforter reviews online in order to find the best and most durable comforter sets for your money’s worth.