Mud Dauber Wasp Removal

A mud dauber wasp is simply another name for the common mud wasp that can be found almost anywhere in the world. Mud dauber wasp as the name implies make their nests out of mud. There nest are very easy to identify as they look out of place almost anywhre they go. In fact they almost look like small termite mounds hanging from a wall or ceiling. Unfortunately mud dauber wasps enjoy making their nests right in a humans back yard, the patio being one of their favorite places to construct a nice new nest. This however if a parents worse nightmare as they must constantly worry about their kids being outside with this wasps that could end up stinging them multiple times and causes some serious swelling. This is why most people are interested in learning about mud dauber wsap removal. However, please be warned that attempting a mud dauber wasp removal yourself increases the likliness of you getting yourself stung, however it will definitely be a lot cheaper than hiring an exterminator.

One you have located the mud duaber nest it is relatively easy to remove. However the trick is to remove it without getting stung. To do this most of the time it is advisable that you attempt to kill all the wasps inside the mud dauber nest before attempting to remove it off your wall or ceiling. To kill mud duaber wasps you should attack the nest at night. This is because bees are like most mammals that sleep during the night. During the moonlight hours all the bees that were previously out and about, most likely scavenging for food, will return to the mud dauber nest.

That means when you destory the nest all the bees will go down with it, which is ideal for you if you are attempting to help protect your family and friends that come into close contact with these pests. For a succesfful mud dauber nest removal you could arm yourself with a nice commercial made poison or your very own homemade mud duaber wasp removal poison. Simply go to the nest at night and give it a nice big dosage of poison. All the wasps should die an you can simply remove the nest in the morning without having to worry about getting stung. Another method that works well if you dont want to buy poison is to simply get a big bucket and fill it with water. Go to the mud duaber nest and hit it off into the bucket of water. Once the wasps touch the water they will be unable to get out and will eventually drown. Boom you just killed two birds with one stone, you removed the mud dauber nest and killed all the mud duaber wasps along with it.

The final method for mud dauber nest removal is to make your own homemade wasp deterrent. In this mixutre we will mix any types of hot spicy spices you have. You will also mix any liquid laundry detergent you have lieing around with water. This will be a deadly combination to the wasps and will kill them, however dont expect it to work quite as fast as the commercial bought stuff. Hopefully you will now be able to perform your very own mud dauber wasp removal!