Read My Sports Betting Professor Review

Welcome to my Sports Betting Professor review! I’ll be discussing all features, pros and cons that you’ll be expecting out of this program, and whether it’s worth your money, or not. While you are here, why don’t you also check out:

Sports Betting Professor is a program designed to help anyone interested in sports betting become more successful. It is set up as a software program that is purchased and downloaded online, but you also receive emailed picks for NFL, NBA, and MLB games that are covered with the system. These picks can then be used to enter bets into the system right from your computer, hopefully bringing in more wins than losses.

No Sports Betting Professor review would be complete without noting right up front what you are getting into with a sports betting program of this type. You are not going to receive 100% accurate picks that have been magically seen by a psychic who “just knows.”

The people who develop sports betting programs like this take the time to go back over the historical records of every sport included and come up with mathematical formulas that help predict the outcome of future games, read bookmakers online reviews. It’s all about statistics and sophisticated math, but you don’t have to understand any of that to use sports betting programs.

If you enjoy math you may find it interesting to learn more about how the programs actually work and where the picks come from, but for the rest of us it is satisfactory just to know that with the right system, all of that complicated math can be worth thousands if not millions of dollars in wins!

What We Like About Sports Betting Professor

Let’s get the Sports Betting Professor review rolling with the positive features of the program. Just like many of the program’s competitors, literally anyone can use this program and find a higher level of betting success than they are currently experiencing betting on their own. You don’t need any knowledge of the advanced math involved and you don’t even need to know anything about sports!

The system is designed to tell you where the most lucrative bets are so you don’t have to follow the teams and injury reports or even watch the games. That makes the Sports Betting Professor system a reasonable way to bring in some extra cash, whether you enjoy sports or not.

In order to do a fair Sports Betting Professor review we paid a visit to the website and were quite impressed by the nice layout and the honesty of Rich Allen, who is the founder/creator of the program. He lays out exactly how he came to designing the system and tells you exactly what winning odds he has experienced using the system. There is no question that you know exactly what you are signing up for with a read through of the website.

He talks extensively about winning at least 90% of his bets since he started using the system (about five years ago), and that is quite impressive for him…but what does it really mean for you? Read on to find out…

What We Didn’t Like About Sports Betting Professor

We noted that we were impressed by the open honesty of the sales page when we were researching for this Sports Betting Professor review, but at the same time we caught a major flaw of this system in the details of how the system was developed.

Sports Betting Professor was designed by mathematicians who were paid by Rich Allen, so the actual creator of the program doesn’t know much more than you or me about the math that runs the system. This stuck out to us because the major competitor for this program right now is Sports Betting Champ, which has been successful for many more years and was created by a sports enthusiast and PhD holder who knows all about the math. That gives us more of a sense of security that we are in good hands.

That led us to compare these two products for the sake of a more useful Sports Betting Professor Review. We noticed right away that while both systems are set up alike with a software program and regular picks by email, there is a major difference in pricing.

Sports Betting Professor charges a monthly fee of $47 for picks, with a special deal of only $5 for the first month. That may be a great deal (though definitely not the $2,500 deal they try to claim on the website) if you really win 90% of your bets, but it doesn’t sound like such a deal when you realize you can get the competing Sports Betting Champ program for one upfront price, with no monthly fees!

Plus, we have to add that the $47 a month only covers your access to the picks. You will have to pay more if you want to purchase the software and download it onto your computer.

Concluding with the Fine Print

We have to end our Sports Betting Professor review with a pointing out of something that jumped out at us on their website. While it is quite impressive that the program’s owner has a winning streak of around 90%, it in no way states that you as a user are going to win that often. What it does is advertise those results for the owner, then simply gives a guarantee that you can return the program and get your money back if you don’t “win.”

Note that it doesn’t say you get your money back if you don’t win at least 90% of your bets, though you are led to believe through the hype on the site that you will get those results as well. If you win just 10% of your bets, you have won something and that gives the Sports Betting Professor owner a loophole to back out of the money back guarantee.

We hate to continually loop back to the biggest competitor the program has, but we have to note that with the Sports Betting Champ program the advertised win rate is 97%, and you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the system for any reason at all!

In conclusion, we don’t believe the Sports Betting Professor is a bad or flawed program. We simply believe it is inferior to and more expensive than the leading competitor, which is a program offering much the same package as you get here..