Termites in Ceiling

You see some saw dust falling from your ceiling, you take a ladder up to have a closer look. Upon further review you see what is causing this loosening of the wood and its your worst fear, termites. Termites in ceiling can be a very frightening thing. The only thing you may be able to think about is when the ceiling is going to collapse. This obviously isnt helping your house last either, therefore you must look to do something about these termites in your houses ceiling. If you fail to act you may be stuck with a broken looking ceiling and an unsafe living quarters. Fortunately for you there are many different measures you can take in order to get the termites out of the ceiling.

If termites are discovered in your ceiling you must first kill the main nest which is most likely going to be underground since you are probably dealing with subterranean termites. These nasty little creatures build huge colonies underneath the ground and move on to any wood they find as a source for their food. Unfortunately for you that food source appears to be your house. There are many treatment options you have for getting termites out of your ceiling. Once of the most effect, rather costly methods is called orange oil termite treatment. This is basically a deadly gas/oil chemical compound that is put down that will kill all termites that it comes into contact with.

Unfortunately as I said earlier it is rather costly and will require you calling a professional pest control exterminator but it will safe you loads of money in the long run when you are able to continue to live in your house. Another method to getting rid of termites in your ceiling is to go out and buy your own pest control spray. You can purchase this as almost any hardware store. Simply go around your house spraying anywhere you expect termites to be hiding away at. This is a little less expensive but is a lot cheaper. Unfortunately it is not at effective as the other treatment options, which may not be a risk you want to take. Hopefully this guide will help you get all the termites in your ceiling out!